Laura LaVoie

Laura has been commissioned by brides and family's to capture the moment.  Her ultimate goal is to photograph her clients visions, blending their ideas with hers and capturing the magic moment of the event.

Dale LaVoie

Dale was born and raised in Southern California, he has focused his life in the field of art, making this his major in college.  Dale was a member of Laguna Beach Art Association.  Dale loved oil painting, he says it allows him to use rich colors and the freedom of movement, much like pastels.  Dale likes to give you the feeling of actually being there.  Married to Laura LaVoie, a professional photographer, the two share a studio and gallery in Dana Point, Califorlnia.  They travel throughout Europe and Mexico as well as sail on their 47 foot classic wooden ketch enjoying the California coastline.  One of their favorite "romantic spots" is the Island of Catalina.  Dale is inspired by the photographs taken by Laura LaVoie on these travel expeditions.  Both have discovered their life takes on an art form.  This medium they have been blessed with is something they truly live and share together.

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